Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Yogurt Incident

This is totally a had to be there story but I am going to tell it anyways ;)

Yesterday, my friend Christie and I decided to try this new cupcake place near us that we have been hearing about - Blue Bird Bake Shop.  I love cupcakes and am always up for something sweet. It was such a cute place and the cupcakes were yummy.  

B and her daughter, Kate, were along for the trip. I decided to bring some snacks for B so that he wouldn't eat all my cupcake haha. So while we were sitting there I gave him his yogurt, which now comes in a tube (picture a push-up popsicle). He is in this stage where he thinks he can do everything himself. Of course, right away he takes it and thinks he has done this before and can do it himself. I let him give it a try and then go to grab it back and help him. 

Well, he does not want help and screams NO at the top of his lungs and flings his arm away while continuing to squeeze the yogurt. The problem is the more I try to get it away from him the worse it gets because he keeps moving his arm away and squeezing the tube. At this point, I think I died of embarrassment. Then I came back and surveyed the damage. This cute little bakery (with white walls!) was covered with pink, strawberry yogurt.  Of course, it was all over B and me and even under the table behind us. He was only upset because I managed to finally pry the yogurt out of his hand. We cleaned up as quickly as we could and were out of there. He will definitely not be going back with us next time.  

I think I finally got the strawberry yogurt smell off of both of us :)


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