Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Boy and His Dog

I am the worst Mom EVER for not posting yet about my first baby, our pug Finnegan. He was our first "parenting" experience and to say we were/are obsessed is a serious understatement. The Hubs got me Finn as a surprise birthday present almost 3 years ago and after I finished hyperventilating, I went into full Mommy mode. He is the cutest pug you have ever seen and is so amazing with B. They are the best of friends and when we are home you will never far them from each other. This is obvious from the five pounds he has gained from B feeding him, oops!

Love at first sight

Going for a walk
Sharing Toys

"Crawling" together

Much more to come in the future from these two :)


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  1. LOVE these pics of your wild men! They are such an adorable little pair! Kate gets so excited when she gets Deacon's attention that she accidentally snorts now! Hilarious!