Thursday, September 16, 2010

16 Months Old!!!

Today is B's month birthday and he is 16 months old! It is scary how fast the time is going and what a big boy he is now. He is really so much fun.  

As a surprise for Pete's birthday, I got his pictures taken at Picture People. The Picture People does a great job and is really affordable. Check out their website, they always have mobile coupons you can send yourself which is so convenient. The best part is they print the pictures in the store, so you get to take them home with you.  

B was running all over the place but they still managed to get some really cute shots. I was so impressed, he was really good though because it is a process. Here are a few of them, it was so hard to choose! These are scans of the photos but you get the idea. 

This one is definitely for Daddy!

Happy boy

Serious pose




  1. i love, love, love his shoes!! where did you get them!! and of course, the pics are awesome too!! :)

    xoxo, your mommy friend danielle :)

  2. i meant that as a question not an exclamation!

  3. Danielle, thanks for your comment and for reading the blog!! My Mom got him the shoes at Gap in Alexandria. Maybe you can find them while you are up there haha. Hope you guys have a great trip!!