Tuesday, August 31, 2010

15 Months Old and Two Curtain Rods

B had his 15 month old appointment today. It's so hard to believe he is that old already. I feel like we were just celebrating his first birthday and have no idea where the last three months went. He is so much more aware now and that made his appt. today a little more challenging. Getting shots is always terrible, I can't decide when it is the hardest. It's always hard. For the Mom's too.

From the second we got into the office today, he was saying "out" and trying to get the heck out of there. He can also open doors (why doesn't the Dr's office have turn knobs?!) so he was really trying to escape. It all went well though and we are so thankful for our healthy little man. He lost some weight since he wasn't eating well with the teething but I'm sure he will be back to fighting weight in no time. 

Stats: 25 lbs and 32 1/2" tall
Favorite words: doggy, outside, paci, bite (he wants a bite of everything I eat), cheese, daddy, nana
I am sure you are curious where the two curtain rods came from in the title. C'mon just a little curious? We'll its really not that exciting but that is the number of curtain rods he has pulled down in our house so far. I think he is trying to tell us something. We have been meaning to get some new ones, so I guess in a way he did us a favor, but he could be more subtle. Apparently we will need to hang the new ones a little more securely.  

Until next time...


Orlando Magical Dining Month Starts Tomorrow


Magical Dining Month is here. What is that you ask? It's an entire month of magical dining, duh! No seriously, from September 1-30, select restaurants offer special three-course, prix fixe menu's for $30 per person. 

This is the 5th year this has been offered in Orlando and for some reason I am just finding out about it. I will definitely be trying some of these these delicious restaurants and taking advantage of the good deals. This is the time to try some of Orlando's best restaurants that you may not have had the opportunity or budget to do so. I checked out the restaurant list and there are some yummy places on there. Sounds like a perfect excuse for a Girls Night or Date Night to me. Us Mom's (Dad's too!) need a break.  

Let me know if you do any Magical dining, we would love to hear what delicious restaurants you try.  

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Funday at the Beach

Playing in the sand with Daddy

Today me, B and the Hubs ventured over to Cocoa Beach. It's a quick 45 minute drive from Orlando and we have been wanting to have a beach day for awhile. Despite the rainy weather forecast and house projects we should have been doing, we decided to just go for it. Who ever looks back and says, "I am glad I stayed home and cleaned instead of having fun." Not this girl! (By the way, please don't randomly stop by today haha) Of course, with a kid it's not as easy to just throw on a bathing suit and head to the beach but we loaded up the car and we were on our way. It's really incredible how much stuff kids need!

Ready, Set, Go!
Although it wasn't the perfect beach weather, we still had a great time and B definitely had a blast. He really loves the beach and is a little too fearless in the water or "wawa" as he said about a million times today. We keep a super close eye on him because he will run straight into the waves and could care less if it hits him in the face or he falls down. 

C'mon Dad

B gets a little crazy at the beach but has so much fun and it really wears him out. We can't wait for our next beach day! Hope you all had a great weekend.

You have a little sand on you...

H's Helpful Hint

  • Park at Lori Wilson Park, it's free and has an outdoor shower, playground area and restrooms. The park is less than a mile past Fischer Park which charges $5.00.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I am happy to report that the teething monster has left the house, at least temporarily. Dare I actually say that out loud?!  Poor B got all four of his first year molars at the same time. It has been a rough couple weeks but thankfully somehow we all survived. You fellow Mom's out there know how much fun this can be :)

Our happy boy is now back and we enjoyed a relaxing Saturday. Here is a video of him being silly that is just too funny not to share. I promise we do put pants on him haha. He had just gotten up from his "nap". I use this term very loosely since there was no sleeping involved, he was too busy throwing all of his stuff out of the crib and plotting his escape. I am pretty sure we will need to come up with a better solution soon since he is not far from climbing out of it. We love our little wildman but he has never been much for napping. I guess he just doesn't want to miss out on any of the fun.

We have decided to save ourselves some money and just get him a bucket for Christmas since clearly it's so much fun. He has also started saying cheese when you take his picture. What a little ham!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Roundup

We love the weekends, who doesn't?!  Here are a couple fun, cheap (or free!) events in Otown this weekend that caught my eye.

Mr. Richard at Once Upon a Child - Free
4900 E. Colonial Drive
Saturday, August 27 at 10:30 a.m.
If you haven't experienced Mr. Richard, you and your children are missing out!  He sings silly songs and the kids dance and sing along like crazy. The best part is this is a free event and a shopping opportunity for Moms.

Orlando Science Center - $5 per person
$5 admission per person on Sunday, August 29 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. This is a steal compared to regular admission that ranges from $12-17.  Check out the link below for more information.

Monkeying Around

Today B and I ventured to Winter Park to Monkey Joe's to celebrate Grant's 3rd Birthday! Wow do kids grow up quickly. Monkey Joe's is one of those indoor bounce house places. It is pretty much every kids dream and we had so much fun. The kids bounce and slide like crazy and are so worn out afterwards. That makes the Moms happy!

Although B thinks he is a big boy, since he is only 15 months old I still go in the bounce houses with him, twist my arm. Let's be honest, bounce houses are fun at any age...I try to remember its for the kids though ;) I must admit it does get a little exhausting getting in and out of those things but I am counting it as my workout for today. I also got tackled by a little kid so that was pretty funny, I must look young for my age.

 Birthday boy in action

Fun was had by all and there were even a few tears by the birthday boy because he was having such a good time and didn't want to leave. Happy Birthday to my adorable nephew Grant!

H's Helpful Hints:
  • Bring socks, kids and Moms must wear socks (only if going in the bounce house)
  • Fun once your child is walking well, before that they wouldn't get much out of it
  • Wednesdays at the Winter Park location are buy one, get one free and Fridays kids get a free slice of  pizza with paid admission. Who doesn't like a deal? This Momma does!!