Friday, August 27, 2010

Monkeying Around

Today B and I ventured to Winter Park to Monkey Joe's to celebrate Grant's 3rd Birthday! Wow do kids grow up quickly. Monkey Joe's is one of those indoor bounce house places. It is pretty much every kids dream and we had so much fun. The kids bounce and slide like crazy and are so worn out afterwards. That makes the Moms happy!

Although B thinks he is a big boy, since he is only 15 months old I still go in the bounce houses with him, twist my arm. Let's be honest, bounce houses are fun at any age...I try to remember its for the kids though ;) I must admit it does get a little exhausting getting in and out of those things but I am counting it as my workout for today. I also got tackled by a little kid so that was pretty funny, I must look young for my age.

 Birthday boy in action

Fun was had by all and there were even a few tears by the birthday boy because he was having such a good time and didn't want to leave. Happy Birthday to my adorable nephew Grant!

H's Helpful Hints:
  • Bring socks, kids and Moms must wear socks (only if going in the bounce house)
  • Fun once your child is walking well, before that they wouldn't get much out of it
  • Wednesdays at the Winter Park location are buy one, get one free and Fridays kids get a free slice of  pizza with paid admission. Who doesn't like a deal? This Momma does!!

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