Tuesday, August 31, 2010

15 Months Old and Two Curtain Rods

B had his 15 month old appointment today. It's so hard to believe he is that old already. I feel like we were just celebrating his first birthday and have no idea where the last three months went. He is so much more aware now and that made his appt. today a little more challenging. Getting shots is always terrible, I can't decide when it is the hardest. It's always hard. For the Mom's too.

From the second we got into the office today, he was saying "out" and trying to get the heck out of there. He can also open doors (why doesn't the Dr's office have turn knobs?!) so he was really trying to escape. It all went well though and we are so thankful for our healthy little man. He lost some weight since he wasn't eating well with the teething but I'm sure he will be back to fighting weight in no time. 

Stats: 25 lbs and 32 1/2" tall
Favorite words: doggy, outside, paci, bite (he wants a bite of everything I eat), cheese, daddy, nana
I am sure you are curious where the two curtain rods came from in the title. C'mon just a little curious? We'll its really not that exciting but that is the number of curtain rods he has pulled down in our house so far. I think he is trying to tell us something. We have been meaning to get some new ones, so I guess in a way he did us a favor, but he could be more subtle. Apparently we will need to hang the new ones a little more securely.  

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