Monday, September 13, 2010

DC Fun

As promised, here are some pics from our trip to DC to visit my parents. We had such a great time! I just love DC (and of course seeing my parents) and am going to take advantage of the opportunity to go visit them while they are still there. We are making progress on convincing them to move back to FL ;)

Flying with B was however not so fun. He did not sit still for one second and was trying to get "out" the window and saying "no" to pretty much everything. I am sure the people sitting around us were as relieved as I was for the flight to be over. Good thing he is cute.

I was happy to get off the plane but the fun didn't stop there. While I was grabbing his carseat from the baggage claim, I look over and in these two seconds, he has gotten on the moving baggage claim! Luckily I grabbed him before airport security could be alerted haha. This did not faze him at all so instead he decided to check out the non-moving one across the way. I know it sounds like I am a wonderful Mom at this point but trust me this kid is fast. Of course when I told Pete about this his only question was why I didn't get a picture.  

Meeting the panda at the DC Zoo

I promise my Dad was right there to catch him!

Love this picture

Enjoying dinner in the lovely weather

I think he liked his dinner

So sweet, reading with Grandma

Hope your week is off to a good start!


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