Thursday, September 2, 2010

Local Celebrities and Flu Shots

B and I were on the news yesterday! After music, we went to the park at Lake Eola with some friends to play and Local 6 news was there filming a segment on flu shots. My fabulous Mommy friends, Lisa and Danielle, were interviewed and featured in the story. They did great! I am camera shy and didn't want to be interviewed but we were shown in the segment. Don't worry, I am making sure all of this fame doesn't go to B's head. No autographs please ;)

Here is the video, look quick or you might miss us! It doesn't provide a date that they will be available but they should be at Centra Care and other locations in Central Florida soon. I will keep checking and let you know when they are available. This years flu shot will also protect from H1N1; which is great since you will only need one shot.  

Flu Shots on Way to Central Florida

On a side note, watch out for the swans at Lake Eola. Poor Lisa had bread in her hand and was going to feed some of the ducks and swans and one reached out and bit her! Ouch! 

Talk about an exciting day at the park.  


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