Monday, October 25, 2010


Over the last week, B has been doing this weird thing with his hand where he holds it out and points to it and kinda whines. He hasn't been doing it all the time but we were getting worried that he hurt his hand when he fell or something. We kept checking to see if he seemed in pain when he would hold it out and point to it but it never seemed to bother him. We were debating about just having the Dr. check it out if he kept doing it. Then the other day when he did this again, it all of a sudden popped into my head that last week when we went to Amaya Papaya they gave him a sticker on his hand. Of course, the Hubs thought I was crazy when I said maybe that's what it was.  

Well today I remembered that I had some stickers and took them out and he got all excited and held out his hand and pointed to it like he has been doing!!! He had stickeritis, the Hubs and I could not stop laughing! We had one happy little boy who was so excited about the sticker and was holding his hand out so carefully not to mess up the sticker. It was hilarious! Thank goodness we figured this out, obviously because he is okay but it would have also been pretty embarrassing if we took him to the Dr. to get x-rays haha. Plus, now we have a secret weapon to get him to do things he doesn't want to do. Worked like a charm with getting his pj's on tonight. ;) 


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