Monday, October 18, 2010

The Science of Fun

This weekend, we took advantage of the $5 admission at the Orlando Science CenterIt was a great deal, since B is under two he was free and it was just $10 for me and the Hubs. I have thought about taking B in the past but saw the $17 admission (adult) and wondered what could be so great that they are charging these kind of prices. Let me tell you, I was impressed! 

There was so many fun and educational exhibits for kids of all ages. A lot of them even kept B's attention for more than a second. They have this cute area called KidsTown with all sorts of fun activities for the littler kiddos. KidsTown had water tables, a waterfall, an orange grove, kitchen area, art projects and much more. The water table was B's favorite, as soon as he saw the water he wanted to climb right in - literally!  I was standing right there and reached to get him a boat and he had half his leg in the water before I could grab him. Luckily, I have quick reflexes. Maybe not that quick though since his leg was soaking wet haha.  

I personally loved the orange grove. There were trees where the kids picked the "oranges" from the trees and showed how an orange grove worked. I loved to see B getting into these hands-on activities and seeing him excited about figuring things out. 

Where did my arm go?!
There were several other floors of activities that included a variety of other interactive exhibits, simulators and films etc. Since we were there with B, there were so many exhibits we didn't get a chance to check out for older kids and adults.  

Afterwards, we enjoyed the great "fall" weather and ate lunch outside. There was tons of room for B to run around.  

Finally wore him out!

We are definitely looking forward to making a trip back. I loved how the Science Center made learning fun!


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