Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Little Monkey

Well it happened...B is climbing out of his crib!! We knew this day was coming sometime soon and once he figured it out he is out of there. He climbed out once a couple weeks ago so we removed the bumpers and thought that solved the problem. Wrong! This weekend Hubs put him down for his nap and 30 seconds later, we hear the door handle and out he comes. Even though we tried to convince ourselves it wouldn't happen again, it did. Several times. Basically, whenever he didn't feel like sleeping. It was pretty surprising this morning when he just walked into our room and said "hi." We didn't even hear him up on the monitor! As much as we try to be firm, you can see who rules this house.

B isn't quite 17 months old yet so we were hoping for a little more time on this one. We are of course worried about him getting hurt and would also love for him (us too!) to get some sleep. So now we are rapidly trying to find a solution. I have asked pretty much every Mom I know, I think I even asked a stranger at the park. Just kidding, but I am desperate. Fingers crossed...we think we have found a temporary fix by turning his crib around since the back is higher. He went to sleep tonight so hopefully it will buy us some time, until he figures out the sides are shorter. We also looked into the crib tent that is like a mosquito net that covers the top of the crib but I am not sure about the safety and don't think it will fit our crib. We might just have to go ahead and get the conversion kit to turn ours into a toddler bed but I am not looking forward to trying to get him to stay in that. I am sure that will be easy ;) Not sure what other options we have but I am definitely still looking. Any ideas, tips, suggestions welcome!! 


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